Case Study: Millimetric's Comprehensive Tracking Solution for Dikey Vitamin

published on 27 May 2023


Dikey Vitamin, a leading sports nutrition e-commerce retailer in Turkey with brands such as Supplementler, Vitaminler, Fitmoda, and Sporcard, engaged to set up an intricate tracking system to enhance their marketing efforts. The project involved setting up Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Criteo, RTB House, Visilabs, and TikTok channels tracking codes, data layer parameters, and more.

The Challenge

Dikey Vitamin, despite its position as a leading sports nutrition retailer, faced challenges in effectively tracking and analyzing their digital marketing efforts. They had a wide array of channels and platforms that required detailed monitoring to ensure their marketing budget was being optimally spent. Given the scope and complexity of the project, it was crucial to implement a robust tracking solution to extract meaningful insights from various marketing channels.

The Solution, leveraging its expertise in data analytics and tracking solutions, devised a comprehensive strategy to tackle Dikey Vitamin's challenges. The following steps outline their solution:

  1. Audit and Planning: conducted a thorough audit of Dikey Vitamin's existing tracking setup, understanding their specific needs and gaps. A strategic implementation plan was then drafted.
  2. Setting up Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics: installed and configured Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics across all Dikey Vitamin's websites. This enabled seamless tracking of user interactions and provided rich data on user behavior.
  3. Integration of Third-Party Tools: implemented tracking codes for third-party platforms, including Criteo, RTB House, and Visilabs, facilitating deeper insights into campaign performance and audience behavior across different platforms.
  4. TikTok Channels Tracking: Recognizing the growing significance of TikTok in digital marketing, set up a unique tracking system for this platform. This allowed Dikey Vitamin to monitor and optimize their TikTok marketing efforts.
  5. Data Layer Parameters Setup: To enable detailed tracking of user interactions, set up data layer parameters, enhancing the granularity of the collected data.
  6. Data Validation and Reporting: After implementing these tracking measures, validated the data collected, ensuring accuracy and reliability. They also developed customized reporting dashboards, providing Dikey Vitamin with clear, actionable insights.

The Outcome

The implementation of the comprehensive tracking solution provided Dikey Vitamin with the ability to analyze their marketing efforts across all platforms. The data collected enabled the company to gain valuable insights, helping them optimize their marketing strategy and efficiently allocate their marketing budget.'s role didn't just stop at implementation. They provided ongoing support and analysis, ensuring Dikey Vitamin could maximize the value derived from their robust tracking setup. The outcome of the project established's expertise in creating detailed tracking solutions, positioning them as a valuable partner for businesses looking to optimize their digital marketing strategies.

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