Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics on 1 July 2023. Don't worry, we got you! 

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What is included in Google Analytics 4 Implementation?

  • User Properties

    Track users' custom properties like email, segment, stage and target them with your marketing channels

  • Event Tracking

    Monitor users' events with their properties and create funnel reports to analyze the user behaviour

  • Data Layer Support

    We implement GA4 with GTM Datalayer so, you can push them on every analytics tool or marketing channel

  • Mobile Apps

    With Firebase integration, analyze events on GA4 for mobile apps and unify users 

  • Form Tracking

    Track form performances and completion rates to improve the lead conversion rates

  • Ecommerce Tracking

    Monitor ecommerce activity at a product level and use the data to create audiences

  • Ads Monitoring

    Analyze your ads data with GA4 and optimize campaigns with campaign-level performance metrics

  • Support

    We provide maintenance support to provide the data integrity