Automated Alerts to Safeguard your Budget

Millimetric Radar provides quick alerts showing you critical anomalies about your business in real-time. 

14-day Free Trial, No credit card needed
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  • Anomaly Detection

    Generate insights for top level metrics

  • Forecasting

    Check the 30-days forecasted data for all metrics

  • Trend Changes

    Track trend changes and take action before your competitors

  • No-code Integration

    Integrate Google Analytics without adding a code snippet 

  • Historical Anomalies

    Check historical anomalies up to 1 year

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Get an email notification when a critical anomaly occurs

  • Ready in minutes

    See the anomalies in minutes 

  • Cancel Anytime

    Cancel your subscription anytime, no heart feelings!

Sustainable Pricing

Monitor your metrics and be at the top of every business KPI to protect your budget just for $9/month.
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$9 /month

$ per user

$9 /month

14-Day Free Trial, no credit card needed
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    Google Analytics & Search Console Integration
    Google Analytics 4 is on the way!
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    Daily Anomalies
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    Trend Changes
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    Daily & Weekly Trends
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    Historical Anomalies
    Up to 1 year