The All-in-One AI Growth Partner monitors all your business metrics with AI and solves them before they cost you time and money.

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Clients & Investors

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What Clients Say

  • As the leading marketplace for multi-day tours, innovation is at the core of what TourRadar does. With over 50 engineers spread around 14 different teams delivering new features on the platform on a daily basis, Millimetric helps us monitor all our core KPI's and deliver great new features to our customers at breaking speed, without compromising on quality. It also gives visibility and greater transparency on how different teams positively impact the customer experience.

    Alberto Azambuja, Product Manager
  • Before, you would be very fortunate if you could catch any problem on your website within an hour, a day or a week unless you manually track it almost 10-15 times a day by looking at every single metric in your Google Analytics. This requires a lot of time. Thank you to Millimetric team for this innovative platform.

    Semih Dilek, Head of Ecommerce
  • ​Millimetric alerts me when the slightest unusual activity occurs on my website and guides me to the solution to fix it or take advantage of it! This allows me to fully dedicate my time to creating unique value propositions for my clients while having the peace of mind and assurance that both my site and marketing budgets are healthy and optimised.

    Jonathan Majorkas, CFO